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Carefully designed tools to fit the right job!
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build churches
build your churches

THE PATHWAY: A Comprehensive Program for Church Revitalization & Growth​ Using Our 4 Core Tools...Plus Coaching.

ways to grow a church

ELEMENTAL CHURCHES INVENTORY: Assess Your Church's Health and Effectiveness Along with Recommended Action Steps.​

healthy churches
ministry planning

ENVISION: Struggling with "Mission Drift"? This Gamified Kit Will Help Define Core Values, Vision, and Mission.

strategies for growing your church
church growth

VIBE: Ever Wonder Why Visitors Come Once...But Never Return? This Tool Can Turn That Around!

FOCUS: A Strategic Planning Tool That Takes the Pain Out of Strategic Planning​ One Session.

help for churches
inventory: self-guided, team-based assessment of your ministry's strengths and weaknesses

The ELEMENTAL CHURCHES SELF-GUIDED INVENTORY: Discover Your Church's Strengths and Weaknesses in this Self-Facilitating Team-Based Study.

church growth

ELEMENTAL LEADERS BOOK: Learn the Four Vital Elements Every Church Must Have to be Effective....and How to Put  Them in Practice.

church growth ideas

With the FOCUS Refill Kit, Use Your FOCUS Planning Tool Over Again for a Fraction of the Cost.

build churches

Need In-Depth Consulting or a One-on-One Personal Coach?  Let Our Professional Team Help.

ministry planning
our experienced grant writers can lead your organization through a grant readiness assessment, and even write grants for you!

Want Help Understanding Grants and How to Use Them? Our experienced grant writers can lead your church or not-for-profit through an extensive grant-readiness assessment...and even write grants for you!

healthy churches

When it comes to churches and ministries, we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. We use a team-based, highly interactive, self-discovery process to tackle your biggest challenges...with resources the average church can afford.

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