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We build healthy churches by creating affordable tools.

church leadership development
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Let’s face it.

Leading a church is not for the faint-hearted! 


There’s no shortage of roadblocks, whether it's plateauing, staffing, mission drift, leadership development, financial stress, succession or any other host of challenges.


You’re not alone: according to recent surveys, over half the pastors in the U.S. find the job overwhelming.

Our resources offer a different path to church health & effectiveness.

At ELEMENTAL CHURCHES, we not only offer hands-on consulting and coaching, but also self-facilitating tools to build organizational self-awareness and leadership skills. Our processes include a wide variety of tools and assessments for your unique challenges.

Our job is to make your job easier.

When it comes to churches and ministries, we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. We use a team-based, highly interactive, self-discovery process to tackle your biggest challenges...with resources the average church can afford.

See all our resources and tools in our Menu
...from comprehensive programs to increase church health & self-facilitating kits for strategic planning, vision/mission/values clarification, and re-engineering your "first impressions" for newcomers.

And it's all priced for accessibility.

church Growth strategies

We loved FOCUS! It made the planning process not only simple and intuitive, but even fun. We walked through the process with a staff team that included many new members, and it helped us gel and get on the same page. I would highly recommend especially for young, fun staff teams!

VINCE PIERRI | Senior Pastor, The Bridge Church, Alexandria KY (800 attendance)

strategic planning consultant

We've tried to do strategic planning in the past but always ended up with a mishmash of unrelated goals, loosely owned but never championed. The whole FOCUS process brought clarity and accountability to our plans in a process that honored all the voices around the table and led us to a sense that God was in it all - and on top of that it was fun. The team is now energized around common goals and strategy. What a gift!

DAN LIND | Senior Pastor, Faith Bible Church, Glendale AZ

strategic planning consultant


help for churches
organizational leadership

After using the Elemental Churches Inventory, this past year has been the best year we've ever every way! 

KEVIN PEYTON | Senior Pastor, The Village Church, South Lebanon OH

Church growth strategies

We had a great time with FOCUS and got some big goals narrowed down. That really helped us with planning for this fall and this coming year…and it even helped us to feel at peace with some events we decided not to repeat. Thanks for creating such a useful tool for churches!


TANA RAWDON | Business Manager, Heartland Vineyard Church, Waterloo IA

organizational leadership development

Dave Workman has been around the block . . . The four elements that he describes in his book Elemental Leaders are insightful and useful. I'm thankful he is helping all of us to be better leaders.

BRIAN TOME | Senior Pastor, Crossroads Community Church (32,000 attendance)

strategic planning
organizational leadership

The Elemental Churches Inventory has been an excellent process, informative, revealing and has given us a great way forward as a team and church. 

JOHN WRIGHT | Senior Pastor and Vineyard UK National Director, Trent Vineyard Church, UK (1700 attendance)

church growth Strategies

I used the FOCUS material in my administration course and found it very useful. I'll refill the kit early next year before I teach that course again.

THOMAS TUMBLIN, Ph.D., Dean, Beeson School of Practical Theology,

Executive Director, Asbury Church Planting Initiative

strategic planning education
strategic planning


The FOCUS tool was a great resource...and actually fun, too! We plan on using it again next year.”


JOSH MILLER | Lead Pastor, Harvest Church, Ames IA (700 attendance)

I have done plenty of strategic planning in my 50 years of ministry, sometimes with on-site consultants. I really like the FOCUS approach of getting the job done in 6 hours. So much strategic planning takes days and months . . . My past experience is that those types of planning approaches can be counter-productive and produce unnecessary frustration. I like the FOCUS way – get on with it, get it done, and in a year or two, do it again.

ANDY PRYOR | Retired Senior Pastor, Northglenn Christian Church, Denver CO

strategic planning
strategic planning
Church Growth Strategies

FOCUS guided us through every step, made the whole process fun and helped build excitement and enthusiasm as we planned for the future of our parish.”


FATHER TOM REITMEYER | St. John Vianney, Austin TX

We could have used this 15 years ago...The Elemental Churches Inventory has been a very valuable process.


NATHAN HARDESTY | Senior Pastor, Bridgetown Church of Christ (250 attendance)

organizational leadership
strategic planning

The FOCUS experience was really great!  It got our team working better than ever.  Thank you!


JOHN CORDREY | Grow Ministries Pastor, Trinity Klein Lutheran Church, Spring TX (3000 member)

church growth strategies
strategic planning consultant firm

The team at The Elemental Group is a rare and exceptional mix of gifted pastors who can clearly assess and articulate the measurable steps churches need to take to grow in the pursuit of the Great Commission. We were amazed not just by their affordability, but by their willingness to go the extra mile in helping our church develop a vision for the future. They served us in ways far beyond anything we initially expected.

MATT ROBINSON | Parkside Christian Church (600 attendance)

strategic planning consultant firm

The Elemental Group was a Godsend! Our staff is excited about future possibilities, and even though the work will be demanding, we are looking forward to the challenge. God bless The Elemental Group as you work with other churches in our country and across the pond. We look forward to working with your leadership team again in the future. 


MATT HOLMAN | Senior Pastor, Landmark Baptist Church (500 attendance)

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