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vision-drift vizh-uhn drift ] n.
the state of losing sight of a preferred future

In our work with churches, we often find leadership teams struggling with “vision drift.” After years of ministry challenges and changes, they now struggle with their distinctive purpose, their core values, and the unique mission God has for them. Without clarity of vision, leaders burn out and churches atrophy.

And it’s not uncommon.

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Whether your team struggles with vision-drift...or you're a churchplanter that hasn't quite tackled your vision and values...or maybe you're an established church going through a change of leadership...

we can help

We believe that with the right tools, churches can rediscover who they are and why they exist.


church strategic plan

Using action learning and gamification principles, your leadership team will enjoy a highly interactive discovery process all in the context of fun!

With EnVision’s “seafaring” theme, you’ll sail across an ocean of challenges to spark discussions with your team. Through self-facilitated timed exercises, you’ll develop a unified vision statement, a list of core values, your unique marching orders, and a shared picture of your church's future. Whether church-planting or struggling with vision-drift, EnVision guides you in a prayerful process for discovering God’s purposes for your church…all in about 6-hours!

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Designed for up to 8 participants, EnVision includes:

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•    2'x3' rollout game map
•    8 Sailor’s Journals
•    Captain’s Log (instructions)
•    42 Value Cards
•    4 People Cards
•    3 Place Cards
•    Hourglass
•    Brass Captain’s Whistle
•    Ship token
•    Compact Scroll
•    Quill pen

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