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The Power of Systems

How about a quick video to get you thinking today?

First, let me set this up with a little background. When church leadership teams go through our Elemental Churches Inventory, they...

  • engage individually with curriculum,

  • interact in four self-facilitated group sessions along with videos,

  • take several web-based assessments, and

  • watch short thought-provoking online videos in their personal reflective times.

It becomes a leadership development tool as they take on ownership and responsibility together through the exercises. One of the sessions focuses on the nine basic church systems for accomplishing a church’s unique mission. The video above is a sample of one of the sixteen reflective videos to help a team get on the same page…and touches on systems and process questions that can challenge any church, no matter the size. We hope you enjoy! Dave Workman | The Elemental Group


The Elemental Churches Inventory is a revolutionary web-based assessment system that combines individual and team learning through online tools and videos with coaching. It not only gives your leadership team a snapshot of where you are, but provides a comprehensive report with recommended action steps to move your church forward!


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