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Seasons & Leadership

There is one thing that makes “leadership seasons” manageable...

Last night, the leader of our small group (Zoomed, of course…we’re still in Covidland), read through a familiar passage in Joshua. Dana asked us to imagine in Lectio Divina-style what God was highlighting in this particular reading. In it, God was commanding Joshua to be “strong and courageous”—that just as He had been with Moses, He would always be with him. God was striking a balance between His demand (isn’t that what a command is?) and the promise of His presence, His “withness”. Exodus tells us that Moses had an extremely intimate relationship with God. When Moses would go into the Tent of Meeting, his young apprentice Joshua would stand outside and stay there even after Moses left, I suppose just soaking in the afterglow seeping between the tent flaps. But I was reminded how God began this critical conversation with Joshua in chapter 1 verse 2 in such an über-direct way: “Moses is dead.” Dang. There’s no easing into this chat. It got me thinking about seasons. Israel was now in a new season, one filled with known and unknown challenges. They had been through one season with Moses that brought multiple hardships and faith-risks. But now a new season. It would never be the same. And that’s how seasons work. Here in Cincinnati, winters are a stretch of grey skies, snow-slush, and bitter cold. By the end of February we’re reaching for the Zoloft. Spring creeps in, the trees bud, allergies roar, and rain. And more rain. August is hot, languid, and humid. Fall brings sweaters and gutter cleaning…along with a harbinger of cold. Each season different, each with its own beauty and bruises. Frankly, I’ve come to love the seasons and in some odd way, appreciate them. Whatever leadership season you’re in—and I think the pandemic has thrust all leaders into a challenging one—it will pass. At some point, God will say, “Moses my servant is dead. Now therefore arise…” and the promise is simple: it’s a new season. And “just as I was with Moses, so I will be with you.” Regardless of the season with its unique stresses, God is present. And with that you can be strong and courageous. All will be well...whatever the outcome. Humble leaders manage seasons as best they know, sometimes second-guessing, often with fear and trembling. But a measure of peace comes in this simple guarantee: “I AM…with you.”

Question of the Day: What do you need to remind yourself in managing this new season you're in?



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