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A different way to think about leadership in the church...or any organization!

“A lot of leadership books rehash things that others have written; Elemental Leaders actually brings a fresh approach that I really enjoyed. Dave Workman has many years of experience as a successful pastor, coach, and consultant, and it shows. I think you’ll benefit from his insights.”

~Dave Frederick, President, Leaders Book Summaries |

“Dave Workman has been around the block . . . The four elements that he describes in his helpful book are insightful and useful. I'm thankful he is helping all of us to be better leaders.”

~Brian Tome, Senior Pastor Crossroads Community Church (20,000 attendance)

$12.99 paperback

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$6.99 ebook

Every healthy organization is marked by four essential traits: Integrity, Passion, Servanthood, and Imagination.
With a practitioner's perspective, author and coach Dave Workman offers common sense guidance and tools to maximize leadership. Filled with insight, humor, and reflective exercises for churches and organizations of any size, Elemental Leaders is an indispensable exploration of these four universal and vital values. 
The Elemental Leaders book is part of the curriculum for the Pathway, the Elemental Churches Inventory, and the Elemental Churches Self-Guided Inventory. A Kindle version is available on Amazon.
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Dave Workman is President and Co-Founder of The Elemental Group, an organization devoted to helping churches and faith-based non-profits become healthier and more effective. Dave was instrumental in the growth of the Vineyard Cincinnati megachurch from its inception and then served as senior pastor. He spearheaded such initiatives as the groundbreaking Healing Center—a multimillion-dollar facility offering forty different services to holistically meet the needs of thousands of resource-challenged people every month—and the H2O Nigeria Project, drilling over one hundred water wells in central Nigeria. Dave has spoken on leadership development and building outward-focused churches nationally and internationally. Dave and his wife Anita live in Cincinnati, Ohio

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