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Performance Review Audit

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Performance reviews can feel uncomfortable.

When review systems aren’t standardized, people feel left out and potential impact is left on the table.

The Elemental Group’s Performance Review Audit package offers a complete review and revision of your nonprofit’s performance review system. An expert Elemental Group consultant will assist you in the creation of new policies and provide ongoing support as you implement them for your team. This refined system will empower your team members to consider what strengths they offer your mission and how they can continue to grow. By the end of this process, you’ll have:

  • A tested performance review process including timelines and a file structure system.

  • A new job description template to create clear expectations for team members.

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Your Elemental Team will:

  • Review your nonprofit’s existing performance review system.

  • Meet with key Directors and staff members for feedback on existing processes.

  • Draft and refine a new performance review policy and job description template.

  • Offer coaching and consulting during the first round of performance reviews utilizing the new system.

​PRICE:  $4000

Want to learn more or get started?

Contact us at or 513.400.4595.

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