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Org Chart & Staffing Development

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Does the chain of command at your nonprofit cause confusion?

Do some of your team members become overloaded with tasks while others wait?

Review and realignment of your nonprofit’s organizational chart can clarify team relationships and redistribute tasks so that everyone can thrive.

The Elemental Group’s Org Chart / Staffing Development package will equip your team with a revised organizational chart that makes the best possible use of your existing staff and budget. By the end of this process, you’ll have:

  • A new organizational chart and team structure that fits your nonprofit’s needs.

  • Actionable recommendations to revise the job descriptions of key team members.

Your Elemental Team will:

  • Review your current organizational priorities, program model, organizational chart, job descriptions, and budget.

  • Facilitate a whiteboard session with your team to envision best-case operational systems for your nonprofit.

  • Draft, revise, and present a new annotated org chart with suggestions for revised job descriptions as needed.

PRICE:  $2000

Want to learn more or get started?

Contact us at or 513.400.4595.

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