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Funding & Metrics Database Upgrade


Strong data demonstrates the impact of your nonprofit’s work to grant funders, donors, and board members.

But strategically identifying and tracking data can prove confounding. Digital databases and CRM systems are powerful tools, but abundant options make them difficult to master.

The Elemental Group’s Funding Forecast Database Upgrade package will equip you with systems to confidently identify data worth tracking and navigate your digital data system. By the end of this process, you’ll have:

  • Measurable desired data points which prove the impact of your work.

  • A revised digital database and a one-stop data dashboard.

  • Automated reporting for key data views.

  • A team trained to create data reports utilizing your digital database.

Your Elemental Team will:

  • Review and assess your nonprofit’s existing data management, grant reporting, and database systems.

  • Revise your database to meet your needs, including the creation and population of global fields and account view customization.

  • Develop a database dashboard where you can see key data in one place.

  • Set up, test, and train your team to create automated data reports.

  • Train your team in the ongoing management and use of your database.

​PRICE: $3250

Want to learn more or get started?

Contact us at or 513.400.4595.

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