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EnVision is an exciting, interactive game for unlocking your church’s vision, mission, and values. Designed for 4 to 8 players, EnVision takes about 6 hours to play----perfect as part of a one-day leadership team retreat. Don't let the fact that it's a game (and fun!) fool you. Through timed exercises and challenges, you'll develop a unified vision statement, a list of core values, your unique marching orders, and a future picture of your church. EnVision has a beautiful, large “ancient seafaring”-themed game map, glass sand timer, prayer journals, tokens, and more--you’ll journey across an ocean with obstacles and challenges that will spark vibrant discussions with your leadership team! Whether churchplanting or struggling with vision-drift, EnVision guides teams in discovering God’s purposes for your church.

ENVISION: Charting Your Church's Future


You will typically receive your package in 3-4 business days via Priority Mail. For info on overnight or international shipping, call 513.400.4595 or email

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