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Let us launch your dreams.

Does your church or not-for-profit have big dreams but limited resources? Or are you thinking about creating a new organization that will make a difference? We can help you launch your dreams.

The Elemental Group provides three categories of services to churches, not-for-profits, and visionaries who need resources to fuel their vision.

launching a not-for profit, non-profit


Our simple process helps social entrepreneurs and churches determine whether a new not-for-profit would be the best path to impact. We’ll do all the paperwork to form your new ministry, register it with the IRS, and get you up-and-running with critical guiding documents and a simple launch plan.


Grants are a significant revenue stream for many not-for-profit organizations. But the world of grant-writing is a labyrinth of unfamiliar terms, complex processes, hidden expectations, and tight deadlines. Our experienced grant-writers can walk you through the maze to determine whether grants are an option and how you can get them. We’ll also give you specific advice on how to make your ministry more “grant ready.”

we can help assess your non-profit for grant readiness
we can schedule and write grants for your non-profit


Grants are a significant source of funding for many not-for-profit organizations. Grant funds can be used to expand your existing programs, launch new initiatives, and inspire your donors to give even more. But grant-writing is a complex process, and the competition is fierce. Our experienced grant-writers can help you identify prospective funders and write grants for you.

Our grant-writers have helped organizations like yours secure over $6 million in funding.

For more info, download our free 8-page booklet The Four Elements of Grant-Writing here. Contact us at 513.400.4595 or to schedule a no-cost initial consultation. We’d love to learn more about your vision and help you find ways to fund it!

we can prospect grants, maintain a grant schedule, and write grants for your non-profits
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